Yesterday, collect lake trifling grows Luo Yode to chair hold meeting of video of job of whole area flood prevention providing disaster relief, communicate carry out Guangdong to save the province such as conference of video of flood prevention job providing disaster relief, city to concern conference spirit, deploy emphasizes the near future 3 prevent reach reduce calamity job providing disaster relief. The conference points out, whole area wants to ask according to relevant conference, carry out Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to provide disaster relief about flood prevention rush to deal with an emergency deep important directive spirit of the job, increase had done the 3 sense of responsibility that defend the work, sense of urgency, put an end to paralytic thought and fluky psychology thoroughly. Should clutch listed problem detailed list, task detailed list, responsibility detailed list, fall measure of each flood prevention providing disaster relief fine fall little fall to the ground, add close go on a tour of inspection, seasonable platoon to deal with danger, scientificly, strive the oldest rate reduces a loss. Want the attitude that is in charge of with safe to people life property height, insist to defend the territory of one’s country have duty, defend the territory of one’s country responsible, defend the territory of one’s country responsible, hit with all one’s strength win the tough battle that flood prevention provides disaster relief this year.


Every arrive on the weekend, 100 be an official amount to a garden 3 period (Jun Yihua government office) member of justice industry group can put on Zhong Jianhe of Party branch committee member and his youth Party member red waists-coat, wear party badge, begin in the village patrol, maintain order or be to conduct an activity. “Our village Party member is very dispersive, want to rise their appeal to work together. Want to let dwellers know, party branch does a good work freely for everybody namely. The atmosphere of the village is very warm now, like a big family. ” Zhong Jianhe says.


Late on July 6, the citizen signs up for hot line report to Shenzhen business, in Luo Hu garden of earth of Ou Taibai road east discover a fox. Hind appraisal of staff member of center of minister of classics Shenzhen wild animal, this is a country actually 3 have protective animal — arctic fox.

The video that the arctic fox that the citizen discovers in garden of earth of too white road provides according to the citizen can see, color of this bub hair is ashen, a few bigger than moggy, mouth is very pointed, the tail is big and fleeciness, a necklace was taken on the neck. Introduce according to spot citizen, this arctic fox often appears in earth garden recently east parking lot, in the Xiang Lu end the car the person begs food. Lady of king of one store owner introduces the village, upstairs see before resident raised a fox to do pet. This resident takes the advantage of a person before about half month carelessly, discard basket and fox by Ms. Wang shop. The fox runs to roam about inside the village from basket later, often hide in the car next. Once, when the car is started carelessly, broke make friends of a foreleg, very pitiful. Because fear the fox is starved to death, regular meeting of Ms. Wang classics is cast to the fox feed a few food. To specific after which circle is raised, discard again, ms. Wang states she also did not see well. She expresses furiously, if raised pet, be about to be in charge of to it, if cannot continue to raise, also want to help it look for a place to had found a place for, cannot lose outside without giving thought to. “Puppy roams about outside, very dangerous, may be died by car make friends or while still alive is starved to death, too pitiful. ” Ms. Wang says. After the fox is hurt by make friends, send around pet hospital cure it by good intention citizen. Pet hospital working personnel discovers this puppy is different from the pet of common, contacted center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal to appeal then. Staff member of center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal makes the introduction that build brave, via observing judgement, this is an arctic fox. Arctic fox belongs to canine division animal, belong to in our country 3 have protective animal. Xu Jianyong reminds, arctic fox does not suit to be raised as pet, because itself carries a bacteria,be and haggard, once the citizen is caught to bite, must wild dog of seasonable have an inoculation is vaccinal. The 2nd, as 3 have protective animal, the citizen did not obtain those who but cannot be raised as pet,make. Current, this only arctic fox has sent toward center of minister of Shenzhen wild animal, after waiting for the condition of an injury to improve, will evaluate a decision how to undertake handling by minister center.


Lead the understanding that the cadre administers to basic level and understanding to deepen, farther promotion basic level governs ability and level, yesterday afternoon, collect lake area holds an area appoint lecture of special subject of group of theory study center, li De of professor of college of cadre of Pudong of specially invite China makes a problem be ” aggrandizement party is built lead, innovation basic level is administered ” special subject coachs. Area of vice director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, collect lake appoint clerical He Haitao directs an activity. “Urban society structure, producer type and constituent configuration profundity change, pressing requirement develops the constituent dominant position of the party adequately, the urban work standard that promotes a party ceaselessly ” ” urban party is built is not street party build, either residential area party is built, must bring all sorts of force into play adequately to take on jointly. ” … in the lecture, li De from ” period setting ” ” the new situation that face ” ” the task that will strengthen party of urban basic level to build henceforth and requirement ” 3 much made explain the profound things in a simple way give lessons, put forward a lot of be full of constructive opinion to suggest. “Lecture content full and accurate, case is rich, hope everybody is in will absorb seriously among the job henceforth, digest, apply. ” He Haitao expresses, luo Hu builds area and division of go ahead of the rest of reforming and opening the first times as Shenzhen, development builds maturity of the earliest, society tall, but high-speed city changed a process to also bring a few more outstanding issues. It is reported, in recent years, luo Hu is coordinated in economic construction and social construction undertook be exploringed energetically on development, main way is ” build with basic level party lead basic level society processing ” , pay attention to play party to advocate bibcock action, roll out community system early or late reform, street ” greater part is made ” straight department of reform, division ” big section office ” reform and property service company participate in basic level to administer innovation, compose built those who perfect ” area, street, community, village ” 4 class administer a system.


On July 1 20 when make 30 minutes, taxi of BDC7219 of another name for Guangdong Province of An Da company Zhan Zhanke of deputy class driver, a male passenger embarks to arrive around wine shop of seafood of Lu Huacheng of Eden of collect lake area hotel of Great Wall of road of red laurel of collect lake area. When male passenger gets off, be in handbag losing carelessly car back row is left on the seat, in a few minutes again the Che Shicai on the passenger discovers a handbag. But because cannot connect a passenger, zhan Zhanke can reach company total station sign up for equipment to car header first only, remand the handbag subsequently company. Classics examination, there is a bracelet inside the bag, ring 5, flat computer reachs the article such as 5 certificate, value many yuan 200. After male passenger discovers article losing very anxious, passing police station attune to take road surface monitoring to be checked is the car that how amounts to a company, when calling a company to total stage is informed a handbag to break and regain, he is surprizing extremely, after recapture property, thank driver Zhan Zhanke repeatedly and give a praise to the spirit of its not pocket the money one picks up.


On June 27, collect lake area 2019 ” restful our person of the same trade ” of series activity ” learn code to defend law and discipline to protect railroad to achieve restful ” activity of month of education of thematic conduct propaganda is in hillock of bamboo shoot of Luo Hu area is street treasure can central park is held. Spot activity form is rich, include literary show, spot to seek advice, interlocution of knowledge having reward, content covered railroad road maintenance, sweep black except evil, law, be on guard, ban the content such as poison, the spot extends data of of all kinds conduct propaganda more than 5000, attracted more than 2000 citizens to participate in, lifted ” learn code to defend law and discipline to protect railroad to achieve restful ” the new climax that patrol and guard a road or railway love a way publicizes. This second ” learn code to defend law and discipline to protect railroad to achieve restful ” form of activity of education of thematic conduct propaganda is rich, wonderful confused is shown. Dweller of the street spot that offer a plan loves knowledge of road road maintenance related answer of active raise one’s hand. Safe accident did not happen to be in to dissolve dweller of area under administration inside along the line of railroad of the street area under administration that offer a plan the issue that rainbow bridge periphery puts aperture bright lamp to affect safety of railroad drive a vehicle, write technically still ” a letter that sends an inmate ” , in distributing home of dweller of area under administration, guide dweller consciousness to uphold railroad safety order, organize associated area under administration relevant unit is held in station of ability of guest of bamboo shoot hillock fear drilling instead, the security that enhances policeman of ground of road of area under administration, make one’s rounds to prevent team member and resident is on guard consciousness and lash-up deal with ability, strong the safety that defended railroad runs the restful stability with area under administration, area under administration did not produce case incident and safe accident one case inside railroad along the line. It is reported of joint defence of patrol and guard a road or railway of ceaseless aggrandizement railroad, in recent years, collect lake area appoint politics and law appoint deepen restful railroad to set an example Duan Zaisun hillock is street undertook detailed arrangement deploy, advance rehabilitate of management of public security of railroad along the line, safe punish, zoology, beautification to shine change wait for job of joint defence of railroad patrol and guard a road or railway, created environment of development of good security of society, travel, capital attraction, strong ensured safety of railroad of bamboo shoot hillock to protect free to move, maintained road ground stability, served economic progress, established local image. In the meantime, luo Hu begins patrol and guard a road or railway love a way extensively to publicize education deep, build ” responsibility detailed list ” ” negative detailed list ” ” propagandist detailed list ” 3 large detailed account, all-around drive normalization of job of railroad patrol and guard a road or railway to begin, joint defence of patrol and guard a road or railway of ceaseless aggrandizement railroad works, road of station of north of heavy enumeration place, peach beautiful road jams railroad safety defends the chaos of passageway of safety of area, fire control stops chaos is put and corpse car takes up for a long time viatic behavior, check in all smash electric car 3 rounds 32, 2 rounds of electric cars 13, check smash corpse car 5, investigate break the law jockey 219.


On July 2 afternoon, nursery school of system of education of base of area of 2019 collect lakes ” year teacher ” choose total final as scheduled and to, leader and the honored guest such as Bin Hua of secretary of leading Party group of bureau of education of area of hair of aqua fortis of deputy director general of bureau of Shenzhen city education, Luo Hu are attended. 6 child teachers that show itself from inside 22 fine athletes are surpassed first are ordinal appearance, tell about oneself from teach story and education the concept, rejoin through the spot at the same time, compare without what lead the link such as forum go all out. Final, group of evaluation of group of long evaluation of group of classics expert evaluation, garden, society, home appoint delegacy spot is chosen, wang Shan Mr. Shan of comely nursery school has the honor to win collect lake area collect lake area 2019 nursery school ” year teacher ” title. The 10th nursery school of Yao Yanhui of teacher of Shenzhen nursery school, Shenzhen city city of pedagogic tall Wei, Shenzhen bank Tian Jun of Zhang Yanling of teacher of nursery school of teaching and administrative staff of Luo Hu district of city of Pang Xiaoyan of teacher of center nursery school, Shenzhen, Shenzhen. “Nursery school teacher needs such platform to establish surveyor’s pole and model too, need the attention of social all circles, care and care too, area of hope collect lake can continue this selection job to be done, and should innovate ceaselessly and develop. ” aqua regia hair expresses, year teacher is told from firm sense, not be to judge come out, do however, also be to rely on good atmosphere to bring up at the same time those who come out, just discover through chosen way, go making, the teacher that makes these outstanding can show itself. Aqua regia hair expresses at the same time, preschool education is a person what teach personally eventually is germinant, it is the basics that the foundation teachs, area of hope collect lake is optimized in preschool education structure, mass promotion, brand is made, the respect such as team construction has special policy to support, the elementary school that is Luo Hu, junior high school, high school lays solid foundation, also be at the same time each area exploration gives more experience in city, contribute the way with good more. As we have learned, to let the teacher of preschool education organic meeting reveals elegant demeanour, 2017, collect lake area takes the lead in beginning nursery school in whole town and even whole nation ” year teacher ” choose, for whole area development of teacher of more than 100 nursery school establishs surveyor’s pole and model, this already was this area runs nursery school the 3rd year ” year teacher ” selection activity.


         On June 12 morning, village mother-in-law of 102 years old is in of family accompany below, attended to often surround community better birthday to meet, see song and dance together with the community dweller that is born 90 first half of the year, eat birthday cake, accept everybody’s blessing, spent a different birthday. After the activity ends, the granddaughter of a respectful form of address for an old person is in dweller group in leave a message say: “The picture that wants to be able to get on the mother-in-law in birthday saves accept as a souvenir, that is the mother-in-law is the happiest and happy momently! ” village mother-in-law because year the work is expensive already, at ordinary times not very goes out, hear community has collective birthday to meet, came cheerfully.

This is to often surround community item of small fact of the people’s livelihood looked 2019, hong Fuqi enjoys happy coexistence — birthday of the person that often surround company warden is met. Experience the care of community and care to let more old person, often surround community Party committee to break the short that organizes an activity in assembly room before, mobile spot the setting is in a banquet wine shop, the old person that can let more spend birthday enjoys pleasure in easy environment; Allow a resident to the top of one’s bent festively singing and dancing, serve a blessing for the longlived person. Mobile spot still set photography area, let like the instant of joy of old person tarry that take a picture. Often surround the community dance band, member that often surrounds team of community Africa strains of music accompanied by drumbeats to enter arena, for longlived person add to the fun. To make spot atmosphere more enthusiastic, labour orgnaization is stationed in the company of be good at scene of responsible activity to often surround community party group the company of the service center is versed in the street strings together alley, invite community 4:30 the child of classroom, Beijing radical 5 old personnel, volunteer waits for the security personnel of 100, community, record the blessing that issued them, broadcast circularly in the spot with the form of video. The longlived person of the spot receives the blessing of so much person, each light up with pleasure. Gui Yuan is street agency party is versed in appoint clerical Feng Jian, often surround community Zhang Zunsheng of the first secretary also comes to the spot, the old person that has been birthday served cordial blessing. Two secretaries are playing the hand of mother-in-law of village of luck of 100 years old of people, wish everybody is long-lived 100 years old. Often surround secretary of community Party committee Xu Shaoqiong and often surround community old age east wind of association chairman Cai is extemporaneous for old person sing opera arias ” the song of friendship ” , promote the activity to climax. Mother-in-law of village of 100 years old of old people is taking two red balloons to fondle admiringly, old person in ruddy health, in photography casing, laughed at a flower. Labour having a company asks her next year still does not come, the old person says with the Hakkas dialect: “Come, come below one year again! Come below one year again!!


The from the come to in sleep deeply the city zone in first sun rays in the morning, the high-rise of rays of morning or evening sunshine of dream of the be contaminated when the dusk, smoke cloud winds around the Chinese parasol hill with picturesque beautiful scenery, the night scene that rainbow of travel of wagon flow plain flows, powdery carry on one’s shoulder is fruity the pond of carry on one’s shoulder with conterminous greenery, rumour is strewn at random the green line with densely covered shade of a tree… mix up focal length, press shutter, record Luo Hu’s beauty with the photograph, organic still meeting is won highest 5000 yuan of large award. Recently, by Luo Hu bureau of sports of travel of area culture wide report is sponsorred, the 2nd when photography of house of culture of collect lake area, collect lake learns to undertake ” wonderful Luo Hu ” photography contest is started formally, aim area of tribute collect lake builds a division 40 years, the construction that help strength ” delicate high-quality goods is wonderful ” the city zone. It is reported, the contest sets quota of people of 117 bear the palm in all, among them first prize 2, bonus each 5000 yuan; Second-class award 5, bonus each 3000 yuan; Third class award 10, bonus each 1000 yuan; Outstanding award 100, bonus each 200 yuan. Current, the 2nd ” wonderful Luo Hu ” photography contest front collects a manuscript to broad citizen. Take part in the match construction of vogue of environmental protection of scene of the economic construction that work asks to reflect collect lake division with distinctive perspective, society, environment, zoology, society, humanitarian environment, culture, must film inside Luo Hu area, subject matter is not restricted, take part in the match work color, black and white all but. Those who need an attention is, to assure work authenticity, take part in the match to be adjusted what work can do brightness, contrast, degree of saturation only moderately, photograph of acrobatics of computer synthesis, darkroom declines take part in the match. Contribute means has the following two kinds. With CD contribute, the address is Luo Hu Ou Taibai road house of culture of area of 2009 Luo Hu 706, addressee is Li Minghui. With email contribute, work is sent to
[email protected], make clear ” contribute of the 2nd wonderful Luo Hu ” . Contribute ends time will be on August 28, 2019.